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Google Review Reminder Package – “Thank You”, “Scripted” & “Do It Yourself”


This package of our Google Review Reminder’s are delivered as PDFs and give you an arsenal to never miss an opportunity to get a review.

Please enter your business name and address

Select the number of locations you would like the PDF customized for (put other unique addresses in the order notes)

Include the scripted content you would like included at the bottom of the Scripted Review Reminder

Add any additional information about your order or business address variations

8.5″ x 11″ Premium uncoated 100-lb cover, 12-pt – heavy paper stock, similar to an invitation or poster. Has no glare at all, great for readability and easy to write on.



This package of our Google RR’s (Review Reminder’s) are delivered as PDFs and give you an arsenal to never miss an opportunity to get a review.

Thank You RR

Quickly get you started generating new reviews for your business. It’s easy to have a stack on hand and distribute to employees. More info about the Thank You RR

Scripted RR

This is a great way to aid your customers in leaving comprehensive reviews that include keywords, names and details which Google will favor in your local ranking. More info about the Scripted RR

Do It Yourself RR

This is a great way to add a personal touch resulting in a high probability they will not only write a review, but do so with thought and care. More info about the Do It Yourself RR


• Comes standard as 8.5 x 11″ or optionally as A4 (please note while ordering)
• PDF file format, lightweight ~ 250 KB each
• 100% compliant with Google’s TOS (Terms Of Service)


• One of our designers will send the completed PDFs to the email that placed the order based on the information provided (usually next business day)

Our Guarantee

• 100% satisfaction & 100% money back guarantee after 1 year


• We will work with you and provide as many revisions as needed until you are satisfied with the products
• If you don’t have a logo for the products, we will leave the bottom blank or include other information in it’s place (please include in order notes)
• If you don’t have your logo on hand while placing the order, please respond and attach it to the confirmation email at your convenience (please include in order notes that you will be delivering at a later time)
• If you would like the deliverable’s sent to an email other than the one placing the order, please include it in the order notes
• If any other minor changes are needed or additional text included, please include it in the order notes

Thank you for choosing SocialPruf — we look forward to putting together an order for you and being a part of your continued business success!