Case Study: Liberty Yoga

The Situation

Christine at Liberty Yoga reached out saying she was hoping to get more reviews on Google.

Here was the state of the reviews under the Google My Business profile.

As we can see, pinned to the top and the first review anyone would have seen is from Dan k.

Why this is a problem

  • With three thumbs up, more than any other review, it showed up at the top as the default “Most Relevant”.
  • This negative review has most likely deterred new potential clients.
  • In the chance anyone who might have gone to write a new positive review were probably deterred to do so and think critically about the Liberty Yoga and the service they received.

The Solution

We worked with Christine and put together the below Google Review Reminder customized for her yoga studio.

With a little bit of creative writing from Christine and design work from us, we put it all together and created something to work with.


She is now able to simply print the PDF and personally hand it to her clients. Also, she is able to give this to her other instructors to hand to their students.

The Success

Let’s just say that bad review is tough to find.

Why It Worked - And Still Currently Is!

Christine was able to simply and effectively guide her clients to write a review. By including the custom text at the bottom of the reminder, her clients were able to easily pickup some key elements about the business to aid in writing their detailed review.

Google sees these reviews as the “Most Relevant” and prioritizes them because they are uniquely and comprehensively written. They also include details like names, dates, ages and locations which are favored per Google’s algorithm. 

The details and “keywords” in the reviews further establish her strength within the Google My Business category as a “Yoga Studio”. Also, she has the potential to show up if people search for things like health, therapy, stress reduction, body and mind (those details are in the reviews!).


We are grateful to be given the opportunity to help Christine and wish her continued success.

Ready To Get Started?

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